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New! Multiple membership options

In prior years, Fantasy Math would always simulate 1-2k versions of your matchup in order to tell you your odds or who you should start.
This year, because some of these edges are very small, and in order to detect more signal from the noise, I've
upped the number of simulations (along with my server's computing power) to 5k for the standard membership
I also added an option that runs
10,000 sims
for those who need to maximize their chances.
Run the model with 1,000 simulations.
Similar to what I've offered in the past, and definitely enough to get started.
Will get you 95%+ of the way there and put you ahead of your leaguemates for sure.
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Basic Membership
In season discount $25
Run the model with
5,000 simulations
That's 5x what I've done in the past.
Should be enough for most people. Will uncover most edges and cases where it's optimal to deviate from maximizing expected points and take advantage of player boom or bust and matchup specific correlations.
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Standard Membership
In season discount $60
Run the model with
10,000 simulations
to squeeze out every possible edge.
For people who want the absolute best WDIS advice they can get. It's not going to make a difference over the Standard Membership that often, but if you spend a lot of time thinking about your Fantasy Football and feel like you owe it to yourself maximimize your probabality of winning, this is for you.
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Premium Membership
In season discount $199