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How It Works

Enter your matchup, and Fantasy Math tells you who to start, taking into account:
Optimal start-sit decisions depend on the rest of your matchup.
Are you a big favorite/heavy underdog? That affects whether you should play it safe or swing for the fences.
Say you're deciding between Matt Ryan vs Drew Brees and it's close.
What if your opponent has Julio Jones?
Matt Ryan/Julio's scores will tend to move together, which affects your optimal decision.

What People Are Saying

I freaking love this
. It's a beautiful idea and so far looks like a great execution of it."
Dylan Lerch, aka u/quickonthedrawl
"This is an
outstanding way to visualize the choices we make every week
and why there are not necessarily one size fits all "right" answers,
different curves make more sense for different lineups/matchups
Sigmund Bloom, Co-owner of
No other tool I've ever come across has done this
... I've considered [incorporating correlations] as a competitive advantage of mine for a number of years, but wasn't able to properly and consistently quantify those values in a truly objective measure..."
Seth K
"It’s an
incredible site
. I have no idea how you worked the math into this."
Ben R
"...this is the first site I have seen that looks like it might
match the standards I'd have for a subscription service.
David S

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